A list of packages developed

I maintain and develop following packages in R. Most of these are designed for computational efficiency
using Rcpp and its extensions, yet not fully optimized with decent performance on local machines.

Geometry and Topology

  • RiemBase
    Functions and C Header Files for Computation on Manifolds

  • RiemGrassmann
    Inference, Learning, and Optimization on RiemGrassmann Manifold

  • RiemStiefel
    Inference, Learning, and Optimization on Stiefel Manifold


Statistical Inference

  • CovTools
    Statistical Tools for Covariance Analysis

  • filling
    Matrix Completion, Imputation, and Inpainting Methods

  • maotai
    Tools for Matrix Algebra, Optimization and Inference

  • Rdimtools
    Dimension Reduction and Estimation Methods

  • SBmedian
    Scalable Bayes with Median of Subset Posteriors

  • SHT
    Statistical Hypothesis Testing Toolbox


  • ROptSpace
    Matrix Reconstruction from a Few Entries

  • tvR
    Total Variation Regularization for Signals and Images